1. hera:A framework for running WeChat applet
  2. https://ionicframework.com/:Build amazing apps in one codebase, for any platform, with the web.
  3. mpvue:基于 Vue.js 的小程序开发框架,从底层支持 Vue.js 语法和构建工具体系。 http://mpvue.com
  4. LiteApp:LiteApp is a high performance mobile cross-platform implementation, The realization of cross-platform functionality is base on webview and provides different ideas and solutions for improve webview performance.
  5. taro:多端统一开发框架,支持用 React 的开发方式编写一次代码,生成能运行在微信小程序、H5、React Native 等的应用。
  6. nativescript-vue:Truly native apps using Vue.js and NativeScript
  7. Lona:A tool for defining design systems and using them to generate cross-platform UI code, Sketch files, and other artifacts.
  8. electronjs:使用 JavaScript, HTML 和 CSS 构建跨平台的桌面应用