1. MDWechat:一个能让微信 Material Design 化的 Xposed 模块

  2. DroidSword:[xposed module]Android apk快速定位,灰色按钮克星,各种利刃功能

  3. RandomGame:微信随机游戏插件

  4. WechatLuckyMoney:WechatLuckyMoney(微信红包插件)

  5. ScanLogin:Using Xposed to achieve Automatic confirmation login by scanning QRCode security login to QQ/TIM,Supported Automatic confirmation WeChat PC login.

  6. fakegps:模拟定位虚拟坐标位置,使用百度地图SDK选择地图坐标。可以伪装任意位置,对微信,QQ,陌陌等众多软件有效。

  7. WeChatMomentExport:Xposed module to export WeChat moments data to JSON(微信朋友圈数据导出Xposed模块)

  8. XposedRemoveAd:Xposed Remove 微博国际版(Weico) the start Ad

  9. PureNeteaseCloudMusic-Xposed:A Xposed module to pure Netease CloudMusic android client.

  10. FirstXposed:支付宝自动手机能量

  11. XposedSmsCode: 识别短信验证码的Xposed模块,并将验证码拷贝到剪切板。

  12. FuckMiui: An Xposed module to fuck the damn MIUI 10.

  13. WechatEnhancement:微信Xposed插件,支持抢红包,消息防撤回,朋友圈防删除,朋友圈去广告

  14. XposedWechatHelper: Xposed 微信辅助模块,实现消息防撤回、模拟位置、运动步数修改、猜拳骰子游戏作弊、零钱余额修改、微信运动一键点赞。

  15. XposedManyMoney:Xposed 修改微信、QQ、TIM、支付宝余额。

  16. WechatBotXposed: 微信回复机器人,Xposed模块

  17. WechatMagician: WechatMagician is a Xposed module written in Kotlin, that allows you to completely control your Wechat.

  18. Inspeckage: Android Package Inspector - dynamic analysis with api hooks, start unexported activities and more. (Xposed Module)

  19. RemoveVideoAdsPlugin: 腾讯视频和爱奇艺视频去广告Xposed插件。This is a Xposed plugin that can remove the ads of Tencent Video and Iqiyi.

  20. Xposed-Fingerprint-pay: 让微信、QQ、支付宝和淘宝支持使用指纹支付

  21. WangZheRongYaoMultiThreadEnabler: 王者荣耀多线程优化

  22. WechatChatRoomHelper: 微信群消息助手(代码可读性较低,正在优化中)