1. AndroidStudyResources:整理的Android学习资源,不定期的更新
  2. Android-Best-Practices:Android最佳实践示例
  3. Android-Tips:An awesome list of tips for android.
  4. Android-Best-Practices:Android最佳实践示例
  5. AndroidDifficultAnalysis:安卓开发中遇到的重难点解析,也包括平常的读书笔记和知识点整理
  6. developnote:开发中遇到的好的文章还有一些笔记
  7. android-guidelines:Project Guidelines for the Android Buffer App
  8. Amazing Open Source Android Apps:
  9. article:articles by WeChat Mobile Development Team
  10. Amazing Open Source Android Apps:Amazing Open Source Android Apps
  11. Android-Learning-Resources:Android学习资源网站索引大全\
  12. AndroidExamples:各种Android小例子
  13. android-open-source-project-cracking:Analysis for Popular & Hot Android open-source Applications & Libraries will help you grow into a Senior Android developer. Follow us, do practice in the right and fast way. 通过对流行的优质android开源项目分析、学习、仿写,最终理解,不仅帮你掌握最新的android技术,更能让你理解开源项目的精华之处,这些都是你成为一名高级android developer必不可少的。
  14. UltimateAndroidReference:🚀 Ultimate Android Reference - Your Road to Become a Better Android Developer
  15. MyNotebook:my notebook https://github.com/bboylin/Android-In
  16. LearningNotes:Enjoy Learning.
  17. TimLiu-Android:自己总结的Android开源项目及库
  18. cw-omnibus:Source code to omnibus edition of The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development
  19. androidProject:android产品研发过程中常用的技术,技巧,实践等
  20. AndroidAdvancedSkill:Android进阶技能点罗列
  21. android-interview-questions:Your Cheat Sheet For Android Interview - Android Interview Questions
  22. CommonUtilLibrary:快速开发工具类收集
  23. Android-Session-Slides:Here are the slides in MDCC 2016 Android Session.
  24. Android_100_TOP-Projects:Android 100 TOP Projects all over the github (Android百大框架排行榜)
  25. AndroidLibs:正在成为史上最全分类 Android 开源大全~~~~(长期更新 Star 一下吧)
  26. android_interview:gitbook地址 https://lrh1993.gitbooks.io/android_i
  27. LearningNotes:Enjoy Learning.
  28. AndroidDoc:Android 方面技术文档
  29. LearningNotes:Enjoy Learning
  30. android-tech-frontier:【停止维护】一个定期翻译国外Android优质的技术、开源库、软件架构设计、测试等文章的开源项目 http://www.devtf.cn
  31. views-widgets-samples: Multiple samples showing the best practices in views-widgets on Android.


  1. kotlin-for-android-developers-zh:Kotlin for android developers in chinese.
  1. ModuleProject:整理功能能类库,快速集成, 快速开发项目