1. tcpkali:Fast multi-core TCP and WebSockets load generator.
    1. demo tcpkali --ws -c 5k --connect-rate 20 -1 "{\"type\":\"init\",\"user_id\":\{connection.uid}}" -T 1h year2018.quansuwangluo.com:7272
  2. mzbench:MZ Benchmarking
  3. tcpcopy:An online request replication tool, also a tcp stream replay tool, fit for real testing, performance testing, stability testing, stress testing, load testing, smoke testing, etc
  4. curl-flow:http test tool
  5. websocket-bench:nodejs tool to benchmark socket.io and faye websocket server
  6. armyant:mqant的压力测试工具,使用golang语言编写,支持http和mqtt协议的压测测试。也支持自定义压测模块。
  7. ab
  8. wrk:Modern HTTP benchmarking tool
  9. go-stress-testing:go 实现的压测工具,ab、locust、Jmeter压测工具介绍【单台机器100w连接压测实战】