ios categories

JKCategories: JKCategories(iOS-Categories,Category), a collection of useful Objective-C Categories extending iOS Frameworks such as Foundation,UIKit,CoreData,QuartzCore,CoreLocation,MapKit Etc.

android dialog

XPopup: 🔥功能强大,UI简洁,交互优雅的通用弹窗!可以替代Dialog,PopupWindow,PopupMenu,BottomSheet,Dra

ios integrate reveal

Add the following to your Podfile: 1 2 3 4 5 6 target 'YourMainAppTargetName' do pod 'Reveal-SDK', :configurations => ['Debug'] # pod sdk的版本必须和 reveal软件的版本一致 # pod 'Reveal-SDK', '~> 21.0', :configurations => ['Debug'] end The :configurations parameter ensures that Reveal will only be linked into your Debug builds. Run ‘pod install’